The following is a list of all major changes to the Site Map page and its accompanying "Tell a Friend!", "Suggest Changes!", and "For Printing" pages. The list is chronologically sorted, with most recent revisions first.

Mar 15, 2001:  New design on the main page
  We just improved the layout on the main page. First, we added a potential banner area (which is right now just plain white) in the upper left section of the main page. We then added the new "This Page" links at the bottom of the page. These links takes the user to the "Tell a Friend!", "Suggest Changes!", "Revision History" and "For Printing" pages, all of which we auto-generated with our new EOSCV auto-updater script. The footer on the main page also has two new links to the Guestbook and to "Sign Our Guestbook!", as well as a counter. In addition to this, the position of the "This Page" links, the footer text, and the Tripod footer banner are now all nicely centered on the page. We also made changes to the main page menu system by adding the Archives, Saints, Scriptures, and Miscellaneous sections.
Feb 2, 2001:  Added this Revision History page
  We added this Revision History page so that both we (the staff at Eyes of Scripture) and you (the user) can track how the Site Map page has been modified, from its initial publication and onward.
Dec 15, 2000:  First publication
  We published the Site Map page.

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