We are very pleased that we on this website can give you God's own account of why this world is as it is, as presented in ancient scriptures such as the Bhagavad-gt ("The Song of God") and the rmad-Bhgavatam.

God's own explanation of why things are as they are is, in our view, extremely plausible. One reason for this is that His account is remarkably detailed, taking into consideration phenomena that are both material and non-material. Another reason is that it is completely consistent; the different components of His philosophy simply goes very well together.

This is in complete contradistinction to mundane scientists and philosophers, who after thousands of years of "scientific" experiments and unlimited mental speculation have not yet arrived at a coherent, complete account of how to explain the cause of all phenomena that are perceivable in this world.

On this website, with God's powerful philosophy in our hands, we will therefore be able to assist you with answers to questions such as:

          - Why is there evil in this world?
          - How does the spiritual world look like?
          - Is there life on other planets?
          - What happens after death?
          - What is the purpose of life?
          - Do we have free will?

Happy surfing!

                        Bhva-sindhu dsa, M.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.
                        (Webmaster and Editor-in-Chief)

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