How Can Teachers and Students Use This Website?

We encourage you to use all material on this website for your educational needs. You are allowed to print out any number of copies of any article, paper, book review, or other material that you can find on this website.

You are also allowed to link to our site, provided that the webpage on which the link appears is of a decent, non-violent nature, and that the context in which you are mentioning us is not disrespectful either to God Himself, to saints of any denomination, or to religion as a pursuit.

We do NOT, however, allow you to republish any of the material we have on the Eyes of Scripture website. This non-republishing rule includes publication on other websites, on CD-ROMs or other electronic storage means, in books, journals, magazines, on microfilm, and all other types of publication. We reserve worldwide publication rights for all material on this site that we own the copyright to.

Our Copyright Policy

We are very careful when it comes to publishing material on this website, especially in relation to the issue of copyright. The material that we publish on this website is either material that Eyes of Scripture own the copyright to, or material that is published by special permission from the current copyright holder.

If you are a copyright holder, and discover that we are using your material on this site, seemingly without a prior publishing arrangement between you and Eyes of Scripture, we encourage you to immediately contact us at to investigate the issue further.

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